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A note from our founder:

As a woman in her mid twenties who looks healthy on the outside but is sadly lacking this inside health aesthetic, I have come up with a fair bit of stigma in public. I have had many operations/laps and am due 1-4 more this coming year for stage 4 endometriosis. I often get into chats with people in hospitals and waiting rooms about ailments. 

There seems to be a consensus, from those whom I’ve spoken with, about invisible ailments, both physical and mental, are in fact just that, invisible - that if you look able, you are able - which is clearly not the case.

We are asking for stories from others to create a show and a voice for these invisibilities. As we feel that this is something that is still not spoken about, illnesses that aren't seen but are clearly there.

This is something that is very close to home and so will be dealt with the utmost respect.

If you would like to contribute you can either join as a member and upload your file below or email us at: contact@loose-locked.co.uk 

Subject title: Invisible Illnesses (+ *what ails you*)

No restriction on length - whatever you feel is right to tell your stories. 

Thank  you!